In the pandemic, we confront both the virus and the ruthless logic of the market. Inequality was already rampant in our society; this crisis pushes it to a breaking point. Even before COVID-19, millions struggled to afford rent, mortgage, or loan payments. Now it’s inevitable that many of us will not be able to pay the bills.

The home is the fundamental structure supporting life. It is our primary line of defense. As long as some of us are without homes or proper care, the virus will continue to spread throughout the whole population. To survive, we need to build collective immunity against all that harms us—viruses, banks, bill collectors, landlords, police.

This April, refuse to pay. Go on strike against the forces that keep us sick, poor, and precarious. Direct what resources you have to supporting your community, not fattening the pockets of the rich. Together, we can protect each other from disease, isolation, profiteering, and fascism. Immunity for all.