First Issue of New Journal, New Raegan Butcher Book, Convergence Update


If anything has been missing from our publishing regimen, it has been a regular periodical to provide continuity from one project to the next and cover the adventures these projects bring about. At long last, we are pleased to present Rolling Thunder, an “anarchist journal of dangerous living” that will fill this role. This debut issue includes an extensive analysis of the past decade of direct action, feature articles on consent in sexual relationships and alternative conceptions of education, and testimonials from maniacs who squatted their own workplaces and set themselves on fire while fighting police… and that’s just the beginning! Written, designed, and printed through the same channels as our books, this magazine offers 116 pages of radical commentary, history, poetry, artwork, fiction, parlor games, comics, skills, culinary advice, and other inflammatory material.

As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also just received from the printer the fourth book in the CrimethInc. Letters series, a new collection of poetry by Raegan Butcher entitled Rusty String Quartet. It picks up where Stone Hotel left off, as Raegan is released from prison into a world seven years different from the one he knew. This isn’t the poetry they made you read in high school, that’s for sure. Our second longest book to date, Rusty String Quartet offers 264 poems in 340 pages. Both new titles are also now included in the Literature Distro Kit.

We now have a page up providing information about the CrimethInc. convergence taking place in Indiana this summer July 14-18. As we attempt to coordinate events for the week, it will be tremendously helpful for those interested to get in touch and let us know what projects, presentations, resources, or desires they intend to bring. Some of the organizers can be contacted through

Finally, this summer we will release The Spectacle’s second album and the first recording by Requiem. Both bands will tour Europe together in September and October, and Requiem will tour the US in August and November. Anyone willing to book a show—or, even better, do the work to ensure that a given show is more than just another show—can contact them through that same address,